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Best there is! written by anonymous
Last visited this restaurant on May 09, 2006

Forget Benihana's! Go to Nami Japanese Restaurant. The food is outstanding, the service is superb and the prices (if you go for their early bird, which ends at 6PM) is very good considering what you are getting. The regular menu prices are a bit steep but still well worth the experience.
I recommend it for everyone- young and old alike.
We have celebrated many a happy occastion there and look forward to doing more of the same.

Rachel Katz

Hollywood, FL

I couldn't choose which I wanted to comment on ... The food is AMAZING. My boyfriend and I have been going to Nami (West) approximately once a week for the past year and a half, and we've NEVER had a bad experience. Now, we take his 9-year-old daughter each time and SHE is in love, too! The wait staff is WONDERFUL; so are the hosts and hostesses; the chefs are SUPERB!!! (EVERY ONE OF THEM: John, Johnnie, Leo, Gary, Peter ... We've experienced them ALL many times ... I'm only sorry if I left someone out!) Nami has EASILY become my favorite restaurant. Any chance I get to go there is taken right away, and I'm NEVER disappointed! I'm constantly recommending Nami to my family and friends, so they can share in the awesome experience. What else can I say? Nami is ... THE BEST!!!

t's "Nami" not "Nami's" written by NiKOle
Last visited this restaurant on December 20, 2005

Nami (East), located a quarter mile west of University Dr. on Pines Blvd. is split in two. When you walk in, you are greeted by two giant sand blasted glass artworks. On the right is a serene tree, on the left is a scene complete with people, birds and boats. On the left side of the restaurant is the where you may eat items from the kitchen and sushi bar. On the left are hibachi or teppanyaki tables (tables with a built in grill in front of customer's and the teppan chef cooks your food right in front of you with a flipping of knives, and a 'volcano' as well.)
Being me, I like sushi, but enjoy watching the show. I order a California roll (I have been known to say tha
t you can always judge a sushi restaurant by it's California roll.) and a Crystal Summer Roll. A bit more pricey than the other rolls, but by the sounds of it, sounds like it will be worth the few extra dollars. I am greeted by JoAnne a server who came over to America so she could learn English, and a fine job she is doing. The type of lady who is enthusiastic about absolutely everything she does, as if she lives for making other people happy. Very often not smiling. The type to give pats on the back, and throw her head back in laughter when we is genuinely amused by something. She brought out our drink (with extra lemon, as requested) quickly and our food soon followed. She regularly came by the table to ask if we needed anything else, and was happy to get me and my party extra sauces. She brought us our bill and seemed genuinely grateful for the fully deserved tip, wished us a nice day, and told us to come back soon. Walked us to the door, smiling all the way.
JoAnne is just one of many servers who are more than happy to make customers feel comfortable. Not just servers, the chefs, busboys, and hostesses are always ready and willing to help. Nami is by far my favorite sushi restaurant, to the point where I have become a regular customer and I no longer have to ask for extra sauces.
I always up for Nami.
The only thing I have to complain about it the fact that their prices don't allow me to go there as much as I would like. If it were just a matter of prices, I would go elsewhere more often, but the quality of the food, really does make it worth it.
Nami is the best restaurant in Broward county.
While I'm still here, let me mention that when I hear people say "Let's go to Nami's!" or "Hey, I went to Nami's today." I feel I need to correct them. The name is NAMI - singular. Nami means wave and to make it plural makes no sense.
By Noemi

November 16, 2009

I have been a patron of Nami @ 83rd & Pines since I can remember.My favorite waiter is Pierre.I have never had a mediocre meal.I went in this Sat.and because of my phobia to crowds was not able to partake in your anniversary event.So reluctantly I left.But I wanted to share my best wishes to all of you and my congrats for your great service and food.Many more years of success!Congratulations on your new restaurant.Your faithful connoisseur.Noemi